The Gastronomy of Adrados is the combination of culinary preparations and gastronomic customs of the  province of Segovia. Maybe with some variants, but basically it is the same. You will certainly not starve as there is a great variety of traditional meals. As it is an agricultural and livestock area many dishes prepared with meat, vegetables, bread and of course desserts highlight.


What dishes can I find in Adrados?

Many! Here we highlight some of the most famous ones:

  • Roasted piglet
  • Chorizo from Cantimpalos
  • Castilian cheese
  • Trout cooked in the Segovian style
  • Buenavieja omelette
  • Ponche (traditional Segovian dessert)
  • Frite of mutton

Very rich all this, however perhaps the question remains: Where can I eat these exquisite dishes? Any restaurant in the town?

Restaurants in Adrados

  • El Rincón de Ventura
  • La Olma
  • La Vieja Escuela
  • Bar Chicote

These places are fantastic to eat, but if you find any other great place to go here in Adrados, go! You will not miss food in this picturesque place, that is for sure.

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