Welcome to the Lagar de Justa

Learn about the history of this beautiful place and let yourself be enveloped by its charms.

History, Tradition & Comfort

The rural house El Lagar de Justa is rooted in a combination of farmer buildings in the Segovian land of pine forests that were erected along generations. In the 19th century, the first building was already cemented in what could be a shed to gather up animals, and after several reforms it turned into a press and winery where the juice of the grape was extracted. A press worth being seen due to its dimensions and its impressive elm wood, very difficult to find nowadays. This startling room, sanctum sanctorum is the one that inspires the name of the house that we invite you to visit.

It is around 1920 when the main space is built, the house. Its one-meter-thick robust walls and limestone stones are very present in the area as well as the pine woods from the forests that cover the south of the regional community. Initially made by Félix and María, it was occupied by Julián, remarkable entrepreneur in the 40s and his wife Justa, selfless worker, where they raised their six children that kept extending the constructions with a hay loft, a room where a wood-fire oven was placed, a room to storage the grain and several wide farmhouses to raise animals and a wide patio completing the actual 850 m2, which compose a museum like combination now enjoyable with the comfort of the state of the art technologies.


Visit the Lagar De Justa

It is from ancestral inspiration, admiration for work and tenacity of the predecessors, reaching the centenary of the house, after many dreams and illusions and with the unmeasurable support of Miguel Ángel and Rufa that Eduardo creates a project. Based on a careful restoration and consolidated for years for the delight of the visitors that will enjoy wide rooms equipped with all the commodities in a natural and quiet environment full of history. Welcome to El Lagar de Justa!